Our Preferred Forex Brokers

We prefer to work with a very small number of brokers as experience has taught us that more brokers does not necessary more clients and better service.

as our reputation is linked to the broker we need to be very careful as to which broker we look for a partnership.

this has brought us to the 2 brokers you can see below simply because the line of communication with these brokers is and has been an absolute pleasure and we believe that the trader would benefit from trading with these service providers.

they also provide through the best means possible our signals to their trader and such we have closed a deal with them which would benefit all parties including the traders who all will be able to receive the trading signals for free as long as they are trading with one of these 2 brokers.

Legacy FX



Founded in 2012, LegacyFx is an online forex and CFD broker that focusses on empowering their clients by educating them and helping them to develop trading strategies that can offer them get the highest returns on a wide selection of assets offered by the broker.  This is largely due to the broker’s corporate philosophy that by being transparent is the only way for a broker to survive longer term



UBCFX is a new fresh broker that has entered the market with a dedication and energy that we have not seen in some time. we believe that is is going to be one of the bigger payer on the market in couple of years and thus feel fortunate to have partnered with them. they also believe that transparency is key and have the latest technologies and trading platforms to hep their trader to become successful.

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Try and See

Let the Results Speak for themselves!

We will help you Succeed. it is in our Own interest to do so. With over 10 Years of experience and a partnership with some brilliant programmers that were able to build our systems and algorithms, We are extremely Confident that through our Preferred Brokers we will be able to help reach your Goals 

  • Easy to Use
  • Mobile Trading
  • No Obligation
  • Fast Connection
  • Great Security
  • Friendly Support




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