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how long have you been in business?

We are a team of 3 people and all of us haven been active in the financial industry for at least 12 years . most of us at one time or another have worked in the dealing rooms of reputed brokers giving us insights that most Analysts simple do not have .. we have been creating signals for over 10 years but have gone our own way only for the last 3 years. it took some convincing and courage to let go of the stable job and go for a commission based job , but it has been well worth it and we have helped many people turning a profit.

what do you do with my information?

This is a very relevant question today , the answer sis simple we do not do anything with your information besides relaying t to one of our preferred brokers. we do not have access to any financial information of you n, and not even to your trading information , all we have have in the end is your name and email. we might send ever now and then a update about the service for example when we art working with a new broker but other then that we will not spam you ., every email also has the option to unsubscribe f you do not want to receive any further communication.

can i cancel anytime?

Since you do in fact not open an account with us you actually haven thing to cancel , the moment you stop working with one of the brokers we work with you actually do no longer have access to the free trading signals and thus have cancelled everything . if you do not want to receive the trading signals but keep Trading with the brokers that that of course is up to you and no t an issue.

how are you able to offer them free?

We explain this in depth here. but yes we do offer them for free to the traders as the brokers in theend pay for them.

Questions about the the Free Forex Trading Signals

Are the signals really free?

We of course also need to be paid, the fact is that what we do cost actually a lot of money. but we earn this through the commissions we receive from the brokers for your trading on our signals. this is also our incentive , s long as you are happy with the signals and keep using them we will receive part of the spread, the moment you stop, well then subsequently also our commission stops and we will not longer earn our money. you see why we will will do everything to give you the best signals  ?  it is in our best interest to do so.

what currencies are the signals?

we focus on the majors in general but there are some exotics that will also pop up. the markets are simple the most stable and yet volatile on the majors, a s there is the most information for us to create the signals and we know these currencies the best. many of our calculations and processing is done automatically without us even having t touch anything and this works best with the most traded currencies.

will there be signals everyday?

There will be signals everyday that the market is open , when there is an opportunity for a profitable trade and our systems and we recognize this opportunity you will receive the signals , this will happen everyday but keep in mind , there will not be hunderedds of signals a day.

how can i test your signals?

This is easy our preferred Forex Brokers of a demo account  for you to practice and test our signals for a full Month. this is not like other services where you will receive the signals for free for 7 days and then you start paying , our signals are fully free and remain free for you as a trader and you are able to test them for the full month to see if they are working for you..

do you have signals of Bitcoin?

Yes as both our preferred Brokers offers trading in cryptocurrencies and particular Bitcoin there are also some signals we are able to offer for you to trade on this cryptocurrency. so there are Bitcoin Signals but not as frequent as you might like as we focus n what we know best and that is the regular majors first and foremost

Do you have signals of other cryptocurrencies?

There are some signals for other crypto Currencies as the Brokers offer also trading in Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Ripple among other cryptocurrencies,

How do i receive my signals?

our partnership with the brokers is such that most signals you will actually receive in your system but you can also get an email notification or even an SMS, this is done through the broker as they manage the direct contact with you and not through us . this is better this way in order to protect your privacy and identity. we just deliver the signals that is where our work ends …. as it should. now the brokers are very easy to approach , if you have other means in mind of how you want to receive the signals just tell them and i am sure that something could be worked out.

Questions about the Brokers and where to Trade on the Signals

who is your perferred broker?

we are currently working with 2 Brokers that we prefer above others , the brokers are both independent brokers and you will be able to read our review and reasoning as to why we are working with these brokers in more depth here. this is not to say that in the future we will be working with more Forex brokers but fr the moment these are the 2 we like best

Do you have other preferred brokers?

We had a larger selection of brokers but we went back for the moment to only 2 brokers as we feel that works best for us, we have full confidence in these brokers and since we want to concentrate on making signals and not broker behavior this is important

Can i switch to another preferred broker?

Yes you can switch between the 2 brokers but keep in mind that you have to create a new account with the second broker if you want to do this , you still will receive the signals the same way you would have received them with the first broker.

can i switch to my own forex broker?

for the moment we do not have partnerships that are active with other brokers, this means that the moment you skip to another broker that we do not work with we would not get paid by the broker for the signals. since this does not really make sense to us form a business point of view we cannot provide the signals to you when you are not working with one of our preferred brokers.

there are at the moment so many Forex brokers active that it wold be impossible fr us to work with all of them and the kind of partnership we require simple cannot be managed when working with many brokers. believe me we tried.

we like to keep it simple, we offer something to you as a trader for free. the condition is that you simple use our signals with the brokers that we work with.

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